Artist Description…. 
PIETER HOLLAND with many credits as a Lead Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Bass Player, Drummer, Percussionist, Guitar Synthesist, Producer/Engineer. He has worked many years in many facets of the music industry. Everything from being a hired gun for international touring acts, to a recording Engineer/Producer for himself and many others.. Pieter has also managed, booked, and lead many projects over the years. So all in all, Pieter is well rounded in his field…. the Music Industry……….

Music Style….
Everything from flowing acoustic guitars to balls to the walls electric guitars!!! 
Musical Influences…. 
PAT TRAVERS-Ten Years After- Focus-Neil Young- Led Zepplin- to the Who………

Artist History….. 
The band has a long list of players at one time or another, Chet McCracken [Doobie Bros.] on Drums, Rich Grossman [Dave Mason-Rick Springfield] Bass, Mick MaHan [Pat Benater] Bass, Fred Mandel [Elton John-Super Tramp] Keys, Ron Henderson [Steve Vai] Drums, Roger Capps [Pat Benatar] Bass, Kevin Holden [Darcys Kiss] drums, Chris Davis [Chris Davis Band] guitar, And the list goes on……

6amp;12 String Guitars, Roland Guitar Synth., drums,V-Drums, 
bass, keys, Vocals, percussion and an assortment of BIG Marshalls

Concert Series V-Drums

Over the years I have recorded quite a few…….. Some I would like to forget that even I recorded them. {laughs} These are some of the one’s that are worth mentioning and listening to………1ST STREET SAN MATEO, BALLS, KEEP THOSE SMILIN FACES, FAST CARS AND LOUD GUITARS, TEMPORARY SANITY, And to kick off the 2001 summer tour “SUMMER CAMP TOUR 2001″. With also a new album in the works right now soon to be released this summer 2002… 

Press Reviews….. 
Press kits available !! ……. Please E-mail us and we will gladly send you the most updated promo pack…..

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